BWP + M.A.R.E. Community Outreach.

February 24th, 2018

M.A.R.E provides therapies and activities for people with special needs and disabilities. One way M.A.R.E works to increase each individual’s potential is with horse riding therapy. Also, their well is their primary source of water for employees and the animals on site. But their water well stopped working the way it was supposed to before we arrived. Since they did not get enough water, they could not irrigate all of their fields for the horses. Furthermore, their water well was not producing enough water.

Therapy horses need clean, reliable drinking water. Therefore, Bakersfield Well & Pump came and fixed the problem. Our team pulled their existing pump, brushed the well, filled the bottom with gravel, and installed a new submersible pump with wire. As a result, the new water well BWP installed enabled them to start irrigating plenty again, and their worries of irrigating their land went away! We complete projects for companies and programs like M.A.R.E every day. We take pride in the communities and people we serve.

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